Lunch & Learn Webinar

Weight Loss and Diabetes with Dr. Elena Krasnov, ND

Guest Speaker:
Dr. Elena Krasnov, ND


Webinar Date and Time:
07/12/2022 12:00 pm

In this webinar Dr. Elena will talk about the epidemic of pre-diabetes and associated weight issues, undiagnosed pre-diabetic states and full on Type 2 DM. She will touch on ways we can improve outcomes using glucose monitoring, proper eating habits, weight loss leading to improved outcomes and how it can be sustainable. Importance of mindful eating – to control cravings.

Participants in the group program will get individualized treatment plans to reflect their individual needs (blood work will be ordered as an initial baseline.

Importance of exercise, examples of improvements with IF even in my patients with Type 1 diabetes.

Touch on what is in the program: nutrition, healthy eating, healthy cooking, better choices – how to have a diabetes friendly pantry – what foods to have on hand to prevent cravings, sugar fluctuations, importance of stress management and sleep.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to make better food choices when trying to lose weight especially if you are diabetic.
  • Acquire new tools to feel in-control of your situation, learn how to manage fluctuations in blood sugar and other valuable ideas for everyday use.

About Dr. Elena

Dr. Elena help people feel their best everyday by infusing the scientific advances of Western medicine with Naturopathic practices and contemporary philosophies of wellbeing. Her holistic and comprehensive approach to wellbeing supports and stimulates your body’s ability to heal itself. Here, patient and doctor work together to unblock the path to true and lasting wellness. You’re well taken care of, as Dr. Elena meticulously continue my lifelong study of immunology and healthy aging. Dr. Elena commit her practice to three things:

  1. Enhancing your quality of life
  2. Encouraging your participation in the healing process
  3. Continually integrating new research.