Menopause Society Certified Practitioner. I help women in midlife navigate their health and hormones to feel better, reduce risks and perform at their peak. 4 tiers of care: Education and testing, lifestyle, supplements and prescription hormone therapy.

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Georgetown, ON, Canada

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I help women in midlife understand their hormones, feel better, reduce risks and optimize their performance at home, work and the gym. 

My story

I like structure, routine, being prepared and being organized. That was not my perimenopause experience. Unpredictable periods, changing moods, belly bloat, weight gain, hot and sweaty then cold and clammy, blankets on, then blankets off. Perimenopause for me was messy. Like it is for many women. And having been in naturopathic practice for over 20 years, I already knew (in theory) what to expect and how to manage it. But to experience it was entirely different.

That’s why I decided to pursue additional training in 2022 with The Menopause Society (formerly NAMS) to become a Menopause Society Certified Practitioner (MSCP). I wanted to help women with the most up to date information, and to the maximum extent of my scope of practice.    

My clinical practice is now wholeheartedly focused on helping women in midlife navigate their health and hormones.

Menopause isn't optional but suffering through it is. 

Our program isn't just an appointment with a diet and a list of supplements. We become partners in building your individualized, evidence-informed and multi-phase playbook to feeling better, reducing risks and optimizing your performance at home, work and the gym. 

A playbook provides a roadmap to navigating perimenopause and midlife health including

  • A general understanding of how things are changing, what to expect, what questions to ask
  • Assessment of your health risks, including ordering labs when indicated, together with evidence-informed strategies to manage those risks
  • A holistic plan that offers relief for troublesome symptoms, in ways that fit with how you want to experience this natural transition 
  • Conversations about hormone therapy and if it’s right for you. And prescribing it when it is.
  • A roadmap to navigate the transition confidently and comfortably with you in the driver’s seat.
  • Referrals to allied health and wellness professionals to provide additional expertise
  • Leveraging the power of technology, allowing you to access information, care, products and resources in ways that suit you – on demand, virtually or in person

Why is our approach different?

The more I studied midlife women’s health and hormones, the more I realized hormone support is a piece of cake.

Not literally. Metaphorically.

There’s layers and it demands a holistic approach.   

Tier 1 is the foundation of menopause support: Education. General information FOR YOU and specific information ABOUT YOU. Before I make recommendations I complete a comprehensive intake  - your health challenges, goals, lifestyle, diet, stress levels, habits, supplements and medications you're taking, family history, your previous lab findings, your mammogram and bone density reports, and I'll often send patients for additional labwork to fill in gaps.  We consider it all as we build your playbook.

Tier 2 is the cake. Daily routines and lifestyle habits that affect your hormones and your health. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindset.  We review best available evidence on these subjects and work together to discover what works best for you at this age and stage.  

Tier 3 is the icing on top. Supplements and services. We test nutrient levels, assess dietary intake and consider your goals in deciding about supplements. If you can benefit from additional expertise - whether acupuncture, pelvic floor physiotherapy, counseling or others, I provide recommendations and referrals to allied health professionals.

Tier 4 is the sprinkles. Menopause hormone therapy. Not all women will need hormone therapy but it can be part of a holistic plan in those who are candidates.  Yes, I prescribe hormone therapy and I love chatting about hormones. If you have questions about hormone therapy let’s plan to talk.

4 layers of support. Simple as pie (or cake).

Appointments may be virtual or in-office. Your choice. You must be a resident of Ontario.

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Discovery calls can be booked by emailing [email protected] OR calling (905) 873-8729