Supporting and empowering women to achieve optimal health throughout motherhood and beyond.

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Over the past two years, Dr. Kinga has become a true partner in the health of myself and my family.

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Always takes the time to listen to my concerns and explain alternative remedies.

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Dr. Kinga has been an amazing and considerate Dr. throughout my treatment. i would definitely

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Dr. Kinga Babicki, Naturopathic Doctor in Vaughan


Dr. Kinga fundamentally believes that we, as women, we can change the health of the world. She believes we can do this if we understand what it means to be healthy and what a healthy world truly entails. This is why Dr. Kinga has made it her mission to educate, support, and inspire women to achieve optimal health. When we as women are healthy, we create healthy families, teach healthy values to our children, build healthy societies and in turn affect the health of our future generations.

Dr. Kinga understands that the body has an innate ability to heal and works with her patients to remove any obstacles that may be preventing their body from working optimally. Her priority is to figure out where your imbalance lies by looking upstream and then providing you with the tools you need to achieve better health. She strongly believes that balance is the key to a healthy life and tries to live hers by this motto.

Dr. Kinga’s practice is focused exclusively on women’s health and pediatrics. She has a passion for supporting women through all stages of life, from helping you sort out your hormones in your teens and adult years to helping you achieve a successful pregnancy, from helping you have a smoother & healthier pregnancy, to preparing you for an empowered birth, and better postpartum. She is here to make sure you not only survive but thrive in postpartum as you find your new identity. Her support continues well into the peri-menopause/menopause years where she helps you prepare your body for a smoother transition that empowers you to be your best self.

Dr. Kinga has always had a passion for women’s health and has supported countless women along their motherhood journeys. Still, it wasn’t until her own struggles with postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of her first child that she realized that the standard healthcare model dropped the ball on supporting women during this critical time. She realized if she as a practitioner struggled, how can we expect the everyday mother to know what to do or who to turn to for help? Since then her passion to help women thrive during this period of motherhood has become her mission and what propelled her to co-create a healthcare village such as The Nest Health.

She understands the struggle that many women face in making time to take care of themselves, but has learned firsthand that this isn’t an option, but a necessity for every mother. You simply cannot take care of someone else, if you don’t take care of yourself!

Over the years she has had the honor of successfully helping countless women achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy, manage various pregnancy-related issues, help countless women not only survive but thrive throughout the postnatal period, and help so many women through the menopause transition. As a trained doula, she has also had the privilege of supporting and empowering numerous couples through one of the most difficult yet momentous times in their lives.

When she’s not working to empower women and their little ones, she spends her time with her own little family. She herself is a mom to two sweet, kindhearted, and lively boys and a wife to an incredibly supportive husband. Becoming a mother has been a humbling experience for her and has taught her, and continues to teach her, so much about herself and the world she wants to leave behind.

She looks forward to meeting you and supporting you throughout your health journey.