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Dr. Michael Michna, Naturopathic Doctor in Oakville

Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Michna, ND (Dr. Mike) The story of how I became a naturopathic doctor is encapsulated by my own personal struggles and the experiences of those around me. As a child, I had struggled with various health problems: mainly chronic fatigue and digestive problems which were chalked off as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and stress. I was bounced around from doctor to doctor without a proper diagnosis or any real answers. It was not until I found someone who listened (a naturopathic doctor) that my life began to change. I began to take control of my health, slowly learning that healing came from both the inside and out.

Having discovered how to overcome my challenges, I can relate and understand how discouraging it is when you are not heard. I encourage my clients to ask questions, to challenge me and themselves, and to be active participants in their health.

I aim to find answers to your questions by piecing together your symptoms and medical history. Together, we will optimize your health by creating an all-encompassing plan that will meet your needs. There are no cookie-cutter plans here.